Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A quick post - until I find more time...

I really have no excuse for not updating this blog for now going on 6 months, however I will prefacet that this is just a quick update to post pics of how big the boys are getting! 
Life with 2 is definitely busy, along with work, and life in general.  The boys are growing like weeks, I can't believe Tyler is almost 8 months and Matthew well over 2 1/2. 
Here are 2 quick pics until I can actually focus more than 5 minutes on this poor blog and upload pictures from the past few months.

This was taken over the weekend when the weather was blistering cold & rainy. 
However, Matthew was insistent on playing golf outside. 
Clearly the cold did not bother him one bit!

Tyler's smile just melts my heart! 
And by the looks of his happy face, someone loves to eat!
More to come soon! 

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