Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2 months until he's 2??!!

It dawned on me yesterday that our sweet Matthew will be 2 in only 2 short months.  Really he's going to be 2?  How can this be?  Each day I watch him grow up a little more and I can't believe it.  He's talking up a storm, repeats everything and putting together short sentences.  It is truly amazing.
He's really becoming such a little boy. 
We even decided to move him from his high chair to a booster, which makes him look like such a little man!

Matthew also seems to be going through a phase of not wanting to sit down during his bath, which makes bathtime a bit difficult and a two parent job, so the other night he was having so much fun, so we snapped a few pictures. 

I just love his expression in this picture!

Matthew was trying to copy Jason and blow bubbles in the water, it was too precious to watch!

I remember the emotions as we approached Matthew's first birthday, and I think I'm just as emotional as he turns 2.  I guess it's from watching how much he's grown from 1 to 2 or that time is flying by so fast.  Either way my sweet little boy is getting bigger each day, and this Mama is in denial!

Fernbank Fun & Easter in Milledgeville

As Matthew's vocabulary is growing like leaps and bounds every day, he's learned the word "dinosaur", so Jason and I took Matthew on his first trip to Fernbank to see the dinosaurs. We had a great time and looking forward to another trip!

We couldn't get Matthew to look at the camera for anything!  He was too busy looking around at everything!

I love that Jason snapped this of Matthew & I

He was a litle uneasy about the "live" dinosaur...

But he finally gave him "five"

I never thought Matthew would pose for this, but he did!  I love it!

Along with dinosaur, he's learned the word "money", so we threw pennies into the fountain

Such a sweet boy!

Easter Weekend we headed to Milledgeville so Matthew could see his Nana & Papa.  It was a fun time and Matthew was sure spoiled with lots of sweet treats!