Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Babymoom to Mexico, 28 Week Appt. & Belly Update - lots to catch up on!

Where oh where to begin!
Well let's start with our trip to Mexico, since I'm already missing our relaxing beach time. Jason and I headed to Mexico on April 15th with another couple for a much needed vacation. We arrived last Thursday to some not so great weather, but by Saturday the sun was shining! Thank goodness, I surely wasn't coming back without a tan.

We thought this was "hilarious" because the arrow pointed right at my belly....

Jason & I and Lindsay & Tripp before dinner our first night.

So yes I braved a bikini at 27 weeks. Jason wasn't have a tankini or as he said "you aren't wearing a one piece!"

Another belly shot in the sun :)Playing a little soccer :) Jason let me score a few goals!Enjoying our last day on the beach!

And now on to our 28 week appointment and it was a pretty eventful appointment. I had the glucose screening, which is screen for possible gestational diabetes. I have honestly been really nervous about this, primarily because of my insane sweet tooth. I kid you not, each day I eat something sweet, typically more than one sweet something. Then of course being in Mexico too, I enjoyed a few frozen mocktails. I just barely passed as the nurse told me. The cut off is 135, mine was 133 - whew! I was (of course) REALLY worried about the scale this appointment too. I've had a few people tell me that around 26-27 weeks the weight just piled on. I did notice that right after my last appointment the scale started to tip. And blaming Mexico again, we enjoyed some great food! It wasn't as bad as I honestly anticipated, I gained an additional 6 lbs, since my last appointment, so right now I'm at 19-20 lbs total.

We then moved on to the ultrasound. I've had more than normal for 2 reasons. My placenta is sitting a bit low and one of Butterbean's kidney's is prominent. Neither of which is anything for major concern, the doctors are just monitoring both and more than likely will fix itself in due time. I do go back on Friday to a perinatologist for another ultrasound, so they can check out Butterbean's kidney. But otherwise, he's measuring right at 28 weeks and as active as he can be! The ultrasound tech even showed me some hair on the ultrasound, Jason doesn't believe me. Another shot of his feet - doesn't it look huge! And last but not least, a 28 week belly update! I thought it would only be appropriate to do it in Mexico with the beach in the background. Jason is headed to Biloxi this weekend for some gambling, so I'm taking in a few classes at Northside - Breastfeeding and Baby Essentials.

Butterbean's room is also coming along. This weekend, I plan to make a list of the decor we need and lay it out for Jason's approval. I'm hoping we can get it all done in the next few weeks and I'll post some before and after pictures.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Butterbean in 3D

Saturday was a fun day! Jason and I went to a 3D imaging center to see our sweet Butterbean in 3D. It was so amazing to see his facial features, sweet little nose, mouth, hands and feets. He of course was quite active, which made the visit even more fun!

I think he might have my nose :)
He's showing off his manhood!

Butterbean's trying to nibble on his toe! Looks like he might have his Daddy's hands & feet, they sure to look big!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Work it girl!

As many of you know, I love to workout. So with Butterbean, I've really been trying to keep up my exercise routines, but don't worry I'm modifying a lot and I listen to my body.

These days, I'm running at snail speed and lately I'm finding my belly is weighing me down. I've still been able to instruct boot camp, but those days may be coming to an end, since so many of the exercises are getting harder and harder for me. I've also been doing CrossFit workouts, with my boot camp group. These workouts are incredible and really work your strength and endurance. Again don't worry, I modify anything that's too hard or that I shouldn't be doing. Here's Mama in action Monday night :)

Now I'm no medical professional, but all I can say is that exercising has really made this pregnancy easy (so far, talk to me in a few weeks!). I have honestly felt great, actually fantastic and I really attribute it to exercising. Sadly there isn't enough information about exercising and pregnancy. Even more there is so much contradicting information - don't get your heart rate over 140 bpm or on the other end you can do anything you did before you were pregnant. It can really drive a pregnant woman mad - trust me I was one of those women for a while! I have taken the stance, that as long as I feel good and it doesn't hurt me or Butterbean, I'm doing it. I'll keep you posted on my workouts as we get closer to the end :)