Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Changes, changes & more changes!

Yes, I know... I've been extremely bad with my updates on our sweet Matthew.
Between a trip to Las Vegas at the end of October, a girls weekend in Asheville, then Thanksgiving, the month of November has completely slipped past me. They always as as you "get older" time flies right past you, but boy they forgot to mention when you become a parent, it flies by in warp speed!
Sweet Matthew continues to grow by leaps and bounds. It's really hard to ever imagine he was this tiny 5 lb nugget, that we actually worried he wouldn't put on weight...

Here is his 5 month picture - man I love those cheeks!

And you can see he didn't want to sit still too long for the picture... Before long, I'm sure he'll be trying to climb out of the chair!

We started solids at about 4 1/2 months and let me tell you he loves food! So far anything we introduce to him, he eats - guess he gets that from his Mommy! Last night we tried pears and he gobbled them up! The kid clearly hasn't missed ANY meals...
We also took Matthew to his first Georgia Tech tailgate :) Thank goodness for the Baby Bjorn... Our chunky monkey got a little heavy trying to carry the entire time. Although, he and I didn't go to the game, at least he experienced his first football tailgate!

As he grows up more and more each day, his sweet and fun personality continues to develop! He has the best giggle when you zerbert his belly or arm pits, or tickle those chunky thighs. He's finally rolling more and more and last night even did a 360 turn in his crib! He squeals and cracks himself up, but definitely will let you know when he's bored or wants to be held. But all I can say, is that we couldn't be more blessed with such a sweet, sweet little boy! I'll just never get over how much he changes from day to day.

And speaking of changes, tomorrow is my last day with the American Cancer Society. I accepted a position at Northside Hospital in their oncology program, and I start on Monday. It was such a bittersweet decision to make, but one that I needed to make both personally for our family and professionally. They always say that motherhood "changes you" and I just truly never understood or knew until it happened to me. I just knew in my heart it was time for me to switch gears, so I could be closer to home with Matthew and Jason. It will be hard to say good-bye to all the wonderful people I've come to know and love at ACS, but know that I will continue to work with this wonderful organization in my new role.