Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Matthew's first Tropical Trip!

Every year, Jason and I take what I like to call, "get the heck out of Atlanta trip".  It's our annual island vacation to get away from work, laptops and all the hustle and bustle.  This year we decided to head to Aruba with another family, the Jacowitz's, and we would take Matthew for his first tropical vacation.  Brian & Alison have an almost 3 year old son, Alex.  He and Matthew had a ball together!  
It was a great time, the weather was perfect and Matthew had a great time!  However I will say, vacationing with a toddler really isn't a "vacation".  I guess that's what our trip at the end of the month to the Dominican is for :)

Enjoying the Beach!
  Matthew's sweet little feet with Mama's

Sunset dinner at the Lighthouse
Matthew loved, loved, loved going down the water slide.  Thank goodness Daddy would keep taking him!
Matthew & his buddy Alex

Love that Matthew kept his sunglasses on long enough to snap this!
We booked a photographer to take family pictures and I'm so happy we did!

It was such a fun vacation and I know one of many more to come with our little family!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I now understand what it means to be a Mom

For the past couple of weeks, I've really been thinking about what it truly means to be a "mom".
In May 5, 1998, I lost my Mom to a short and horrible battle with leukemia.  Losing my Mom when I was 20, hurt, it hurt really bad.  Although 14 years have passed since we said good-bye, the hurt aches even more, especially now that I'm a mom.  With the pending arrival of Butterbean #2 and watching Matthew grow into such an amazing little boy, I think about all the things I learned from my Mom before we lost her.  But my heart hurts that she had so much more to teach me. 
There are days that I am angry and I wish more than anything that she could be here with us, but I know that's not possible. Other days I find myself mirroring the ways of my Mom and how I wish she could see that I'm becoming her - what an honor.
What I have come to realize is, that while yes becoming a mom myself has taught me what it means to be a mom, unfortunately losing my Mom has opened my eyes and heart to fully understand what it truly means to be a "mom".
You love your children more than you ever thought possible. 
You worry about them night and day.
You only want the absolute best, even if it means sacrificing yourself.
And you always question and second guess every decision you make. 
I miss her more and more each and everyday and I hurt that my sweet Matthew, Butterbean #2 and even Jason never got to meet the amazing Mom that she was.  
While the hurt is great, my heart heals by knowing that she was such a giving, loving, full of life Mom that I can only hope that I become to my boys.