Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A quick post - until I find more time...

I really have no excuse for not updating this blog for now going on 6 months, however I will prefacet that this is just a quick update to post pics of how big the boys are getting! 
Life with 2 is definitely busy, along with work, and life in general.  The boys are growing like weeks, I can't believe Tyler is almost 8 months and Matthew well over 2 1/2. 
Here are 2 quick pics until I can actually focus more than 5 minutes on this poor blog and upload pictures from the past few months.

This was taken over the weekend when the weather was blistering cold & rainy. 
However, Matthew was insistent on playing golf outside. 
Clearly the cold did not bother him one bit!

Tyler's smile just melts my heart! 
And by the looks of his happy face, someone loves to eat!
More to come soon! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1 Month Old, now 2 Months old and other fun we've been having!

Wow it's really been a fast 2 months!  We've been having a lot of fun and Tyler is growing like a weed!

At his 1 month appointment, Tyler weighed 9 lbs 3 oz (40th percentile), was 21 1/2 inches (50th percentile) and his head was 14 inches (10th percentile). 
I'm keeping a spreadsheet to compare Tyler's growth to Matthew's and what's funny they had the same size head at their 1 month appointments.  Tyler however was 3 lbs heavier, but he should since he was born 3 weeks later.  It's crazy to remember how tiny Matthew was now compared to Tyler.

I also had newborn pictures taken of Tyler, like we did with Matthew. I used a different photographer, my friend Lindsey was totally booked, but we are planning a session with her in October to get some family shots. I am really pleased with how they turned out.

This is my Daddy's flag, we did the same with Matthew and I just love it!
Matthew curled up on the floor with Tyler one day, and I just loved it.  He will still go up to him and give him kisses, along with touching (read poke) Tyler's eyes and nose.

Jon & Andrew made a surprise visit with Andrew's sandbox.  Needless to say Matthew LOVES IT!

I love this picture!  I love Matthew's sweet eyes and the sand on his nose!

This past weekend my Aunt Josie came for a visit.  She came when Matthew was about the same age.  We had such a great visit!

Through all the fun we've had, unfortunately Tyler has already been struck with the sickies!  We could tell Matthew had been fighting off a cold or something for a few days, then one night Tyler woke up earlier than normal to eat.  When I went to lay him back down, he wasn't having it.  So we slept together in the chair for a few hours.  When he woke again, I could tell something was wrong, so I took his temperature.  Bless his heart, he was running a fever.  I called the pediatrian's office after hours line and she told us to head to the ER.  After they ran tests and an hour and half later, the diagnosis was a "virus".  The dreaded words.  Nothing you can do but treat the symtoms.  Needless to say it was an extremely long week in our house.  Boy were we glad when the "virus" was gone.

Tyler has his 2 month appointment next Friday and as usual I can't wait to see how much he's grown.  He already feels so much bigger. 
And with that said, my maternity leave will be up in 3 short weeks.  I remember this same time with Matthew and we were scrambling to find daycare for Matthew so I couldn't enjoy the last few weeks.  This time that is not the issue, so I'm soaking up these last few weeks with Tyler and Matthew.  I know once I head back to work, it will be a hustle bustle lifestyle. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sweet Sleepy Tyler

What a sweet face he has!  Tyler is now a little over 3 weeks old and such a sweetheart.
We've been enjoying our time together and yesterday got out for a nice walk around the neighborhood.  Mommy has been itching to get back to working out, but I have 3 more weeks until I'm cleared from the doctor, so strolls around the neighborhood will have to do. 
Tyler is doing really well, he sleeps pretty good at night, I have been working on getting him down 10, since he's been doing a 4-5 hour stretch the first part of the night, which is definitely nice!  I'm honestly looking forward to dropping that middle of the night feed, selfish I know and while it hasn't been all that bad, I'm ready for even longer stretches of sleep.
On August 31st Tyler has his 1 month appointment and I'm looking forward to see how much he's grown.  At his 2 week weight check he was 7 lbs 2 oz, and from the previous week had had gained 1 lb, such a difference from when Matthew was that little.  I keep telling Jason that it feels like Matthew is has grown so much since Tyler was born, but I think it's primarily the difference in size between the boys :)

Matthew continues to be such a sweet big brother.  Today was the first day I dropped him off at school and he pushed is brother in the stroller the entire way in, it was pretty darn sweet to watch. 
This past weekend, I took Tyler to get his newborn pictures taken, so Jason took Matthew to the Butterfly Festival here in Dunwoody.

Getting ready for the Bird Show!

Matthew wasn't too sure abou the butterflies, you can definitely see it in his face :)

 On Sunday, his cousin Andrew came over for a few hours to play.  They had a ball together!

This afternoon Matthew has a follow up ENT appointment, wish me luck.  It will be the first time I'm venturing out with BOTH kids in tow! 
This should be interesting!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome to the world Tyler Henry!

Our sweet baby boy arrived on schedule and as "planned" on July 26th at 7:38 am weighing 6 lbs 6 oz and 19 inches long. 
I was scheduled for a c-section with Tyler and kept saying throughout this pregnancy that I wanted to make it the entire length since Matthew arrived early.  Let's just say I was eating my words by 37 weeks.  Boy those last few weeks are killer! 
As Jason would describe it, Tyler's birth was "like going to a dentist appointment"...  His statement definitely cracked me up, but it was different waking up that Thursday morning and walking into the hospital for a planned delivery.  We arrived at Northside at 5:15 am and I was scheduled for surgery at 7:15 am.  I could not understand why we had to be there 2 hours prior, but once we arrived I understood.  I completely forgot all that had to be done prior the delivery. 

I had Jason take one last picture before I slipped into the hospital gown.  
39 weeks and ready to meet our newest addition!
We got prepped and right on time, I was rolled into the OR at 7:15 am and by 7:38 am, I was hearing the cries of our newest boy, Tyler Henry.  Tears immediately started rolling down my face when I heard his sweet cry.

Welcome to the world Tyler Henry!

We are officially a family of 4!

A head full of hair and such a sweet little nose!
I really worried how Matthew would react once Tyler arrived, but Matthew is such a good big brother.  From the time he met Tyler he's been so sweet to his baby brother and loves to touch his hair and give him kisses.  It is so sweet to watch!
Matthew meeting his baby brother for the first time!

Tyler is now 3 weeks old, which I can't believe, and we are enjoying every second of being a family of 4! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

38 Weeks

Well we made it to 38 weeks! 
I had Jason take this picture this morning, since I was getting ready to walk out the door to work and actually looked relatively nice, although I may not be feeling it.  I kept telling my OB that I wanted to make it "all the way" with Butterbean #2, she just kept saying, wait until you get there, then tell me how you feel.  I now understand what she meant.  There is definitely a different between being 36 weeks and 38 weeks.  I'm truly grateful Butterbean #2 has held out this long, but I can honestly say Mama is ready!  We will see what happens in the next week.  I have an appt tomorrow, so we shall see if the doctor has anything to say.  We are definitely getting excited about meeting our newest addition.  We've been talking with Matthew about "baby brother" (since he still has no name...) and everyday he will ask "meet baby brother" or when he gets in the car he will say "baby brother sit next to Matthew".  He seems to get the idea of "baby brother" but let's see next week once Baby Brother arrives. 
I can't wait to see them together!